Mercedes-Benz Win the F1 Constructor's Championship

‘One of the exciting things about working in this industry is you never quite know what is around the corner, you get to attend events and experience situations that otherwise you would never get to do. This job was definitely one of those moments.’ Sim Higginson

When Lewis Hamilton stormed to victory in the Russian grand-prix last weekend he wrapped up the Constructor’s Championship for the Mercedes team.  On Monday morning he arrived at the team’s factory alongside Nico Rosberg in Northamptonshire to celebrate and thank the team that work tirelessly to create the world best F1 car.




The Next Generation

Here at Clockwise Media we like to think of ourselves as a family, and this past year the family has grown. Dan (Creative Director) lived up to his nickname and pulled the "Trigger" with his wife Ocky, who gave birth to Arthur Fox.

Arthur is now one year old and, in true media dad style, Dan has documented the first year VERY thoroughly. So if you like large doses of baby soppyness, sit back and enjoy a year in the life of Arthur Fox, one second at a time.




DIY Bristol Skate Update

As part of the ongoing work our creative team is doing with the skate community in Bristol and the South West, we have a double whammy of skate-related news. Back in April we gave you the last session in the abandoned swimming pool before it became Bristol's newest concrete skate facility. The park is now up and running and we have the video evidence to prove it. Our creative director is also coordinating an event for up and coming skaters and video makers alike. Please read on for more info and follow DIY Bristol to keep up to...



From This City - Surf Film

As every surfer across the globe will know, living in a city comes with it's consequences - often missing the swell and the minimal daylight hours to meet deadlines, watching your mates score back home while you're sat at a computer desk and, in my case, clicking away on a mouse in the edit suite far away from the ocean. As a film maker, my job allows me to lose myself in my imagination, and this is what inspired the film.



Fix Up Skate Comp Results

The brief was simple. Create a two minute film focused on skateboarding and having fun. Last weekend sixteen teams spent three days getting creative in the sunshine, armed with a video camera, a "loose" storyline and a large dose of enthusiasm. It doesn't seem to take much to encourage skateboarders to put on some fancy dress and take to the streets.