Clockwise x Noel Halligan - Bubble Trouble

In the first part of two collaborations with Noel Halligan, we took to Central Studios in Bristol - conveniently located below our office- for a fun day of beauty and bubbles. Noel has been a close friend of Clockwise since we met filming for L’Oréal in Barcelona and we are proud to finally have brought this collaboration to life. We used our Sony F55 and carl Zeiss CP.2 lenses, a bubble machine and some smoke to create a playful, yet alluring production. This was directed and edited by our Creative Director Dan Higginson and graded by Harkimedes.




L’Oréal Colour Trophy 2016 launches

This is our fourth year working on the L’Oréal Colour Trophy event and after the huge success of the UK’s 60th anniversary in 2015, this year sees the Irish competition celebrate it’s 50th with big plans. To launch the campaign we created these two short edits from previous highlights to be used across the L’Oréal Professionel social media channels. With their focus on online reach this year, we made cut down Instagram versions to ensure they were engaging with their audience across all platforms.

Having worked on the competition for several years, we have worked with some...



Made My Wardrobe

Lydia Grace has set herself the challenge to make her entire wardrobe in one year. She is creating a bespoke made-to-measure collection by hand, which will become the only clothes she owns. All of her pre-existing shop-bought clothes are being given away.