Merry Christmas from Clockwise Media!

You know Christmas has arrived when the festive adverts start appearing on TV. John Lewis aims for the feel-good factor whereas M&S goes for straight-up salivation. At Clockwise, we wanted to do something a little...different.

So, here it is, our Christmas video. As you’ll see, it’s slightly more cynical than your standard festive fare. Don't worry, we're not total scrooges. This is just our attempt to entertain our friends and clients, poking fun at the Christmas hysteria we all get wrapped up in every year.

The film was written, co-directed, and narrated by the newest member of our team, Chris Light. Oh, and he’s also the star. What a talented guy!

Happy Christmas one and all. We hope you have a wonderful holiday and we look forward to seeing what 2017 has in store.