Kicking off another year with Boomtown Fair

Clockwise recently shot the official Boomtown Fair trailer for 2017 - marking the start of our ninth year working with the festival team.

We’re really excited to be working with Boomtown again, producing a series of films in the run-up to the festival weekend and beyond.

While many of us are now Boomtown veterans, this was Clockwise senior creative Chris Light's first time on a shoot for the festival. We asked him how the shoot went down...

"On the morning of 23 January I was pretty dang excited. This was the start of two shoot days for the Boomtown 2017 official trailer, and it turned out to be a ripper.

“What makes Boomtown stand out is the effort they put into their productions. Their promotional videos all tie into an ongoing narrative which has played out over several years. Although I’m a recent recruit to the Clockwise ranks, the rest of the team have been lucky enough to have worked with Boomtown since the beginning and have watched this story unfold.

“Director Callum Whiteley, a veteran of the Boomtown shoots, was making the big calls throughout the two days. He was supported by Tom Mansfield and me, and was a pleasure to work with.

“We started out shooting a couple of ‘interrogation’ scenes in an amazing location underneath Bristol Temple Meads railway station. This used to be the place where old steam trains would deposit their ash, but on this particular morning it would be home to a masked man shouting at a villainous sheriff...

“With the scene wrapped up, we headed over to the Boomtown warehouse to shoot a scene of our villain laughing at his dastardly plan, before picking up everything we needed for the next day’s filming.

“The following day was spent filming a series of madcap green screen scenes. These ranged from crazed kitchen connoisseurs, drag queens dancing in feather boas, to a jewellery advert which concluded with a pretty lady vomiting diamonds. As usual, the Boomtown team’s powers of imagination did not disappoint!”