It's party season! Here are our top five festival films

With the last ever Secret Garden Party this weekend and Boomtown fast approaching we are now deep in festival season. In no particular order, here are our top five festival films.

1. Boomtown 2016

Boomtown's eighth year and our eighth after-movie. The festival production just keeps on getting better! 


2. Glitchstonbury

Director Callum Whiteley, who also directs our Boomtown content, captured the scenes before and after Glastonbury 2015 at the magical Worthy Farm.

3. Secret Garden Party 2013

We were partying here before we even took a camera to a festival, so SGP will always have a huge place in the collective Clockwise heart. We had fun making this with the legendary Oily Bob from the Dance Off! 

4. Wilderness Festival 2011

We covered the first ever Wilderness Festival in 2011. Being the first year, we didn't know what to expect but were pleasantly surprised by the relaxed atmosphere and stunning location. 

5 Notting Hill Carnival 2011

Nothing finishes the summer off quite like a weekend at Notting Hill Carnival. In 2011 we filmed Red Bull’s Carnival celebration with Major Lazer. They definitely know how to put on a party!