Hugh Hardie - Everything Was Nothing Music Video

Hugh Hardie is a long term friend of the Clockwise team and as his career goes from strength to strength, it’s great to get the opportunity to support him on his journey. He has just released his debut City Soul EP on Hospital Records and over the last few months we have been squeezing in shoots where we can to produce the Everything Was Nothing music video. 

Our aim with this project was to produce a skate based music video utilising our kit to produce something with high production values. Hugh and the Higginson brothers have skated together for twenty years so we took this as the concept- combining their shared love and relative professions into one video. To achieve the best results we used our Ronin steady gimbal system with Carl Zeiss CP.2 lenses on a Canon 5Diii camera.  

In the studio shoot with the vocalist Benji Clements we were keen to try out something slightly new to us but a classic music video technique- overcranking. To achieve this, we asked Hugh to produce the tune at double its release speed and for Benji to learn how to sing the lyrics at double time. This allowed us to shoot the lyrics at 50 frames per second and then turn it into slow motion whilst still syncing to the track. This is an impressive feat from Benji considering the tune at normal speed was already running at 170bpm.

There was definitely an element of full cycle to this project. The first time the directors (Dan and Sim Higginson) picked up a camera to film something it was Hugh Hardie on a skateboard in Cambridge, so it was great for them to have the chance to do it again almost twenty years later but on a very different scale.

Stay tuned for future projects with Hugh, we’re sure the ideas will flow over a session in the Bearpit or Daveside skate spots in Bristol.