Five things we didn’t know about our new senior creative

Meet Chris Light: the latest addition to the Clockwise family. By way of introduction, we asked Chris to tell us five things about himself that we might not have picked up on at interview…

1. He’s a banjo enthusiast

“For no other reason than being a hillbilly at heart, I have recently fallen in love with the banjo and am enthusiastically learning to play it.”

2. He once got up close and personal with pilot whales

“Back in 2010, I travelled to Tenerife with a friend to make a documentary about the local short-finned pilot whales. We were working on a shoestring budget, so the production values weren’t great, but we learnt a lot about filmmaking on that trip. Personally, I also learnt not to get too close to whale faeces. Pinkeye: Not fun.”

3. He took part in the first ever ‘Plastic Marathon’

“Four years ago, while working at a volunteer camp for the Atlantic Whale Foundation, I helped organise the inaugural ‘Plastic Marathon’ - a 26-mile race across the Atlantic Ocean using boats made out of recycled plastic bottles. We made it...just.”

4. He once chatted to a tribal chief about personal hygiene

“Shooting this interview with a leader of Sri Lanka’s Vedda tribe was fascinating. Working with four anthropology students, I took the opportunity to ask about subjects ranging from war and peace to the concept of childhood, but we also discussed why I choose to cut my toenails! An unforgettable experience.”

5. He’s a keen traveller

“As you may have gathered by now, I love to travel. This is volume one of a two-part holiday video I shot in Chrema, Vietnam. Featuring whale sharks and orca…”