Filming the adidas x Copa 90 Tango League

The adidas Tango League is the world’s leading street football competition. Clockwise has been covering the action for Copa 90.

It’s been a challenging and exciting project. Clients are always looking to stand out from the crowd and for this project we were briefed to produce films that included elements of ads, event highlights and character profiles all rolled up into one package.

In the last few weeks we’ve released a series of films showcasing some of the most exciting talent to emerge from the competition.

The Tango League final took place in London but our work started much earlier. Working alongside Copa 90, we began searching for stories that would help elevate the series above your typical event coverage.

First we sent out questionnaires to the 25 participants and chose three protagonists with particularly compelling back stories. Then it was our job to do those stories justice…

In Germany we spent the day in the suburbs of Frankfurt hearing how Iranian refugee Ehsan Abassi had used football as a way to integrate into German society.

UK representative Jack Downer explained how his style was shaped by playing alone on the south coast - so we took him to remote location and filmed his skills using a drone.

In New York we met Daniel Dennehy who told us that playing within the concrete jungle that had forced him to pursue a creative style to get noticed. 

Check out the films below...


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