Completing a marathon challenge

Peter Thompson recently completed his Marathons for the Mind challenge - running 44 marathons across 44 countries in 44 consecutive days.

Before Peter left, we gave him a GoPro and asked him to record some memorable moments along the way. Watching the footage on his return, we found hundreds of poignant clips which captured the ups and downs of Peter’s journey.

Dan Higginson, creative director at Clockwise, said: “He’s either on top of the world because he’s just finished a marathon - or he’s just got off a train with no sleep and it’s raining and he’s feeling shit. There’s waves of emotion.”

Among the clips was Peter reading a poem he’d written about the reasons for his mission. Clockwise has produced a short film based on that poem to help Peter spread the word about his incredible achievement.

We’ll be catching up with Peter in the next few weeks to find out more about his experience, before releasing a full film of his extraordinary challenge.