Boomtown Fair 2014

We have been working with Boomtown Fair festival on the video production for the last five years. From the humble beginnings in the Forest of Dean to the massive production they put on today in Hampshire, we have had the privilege of capturing the characters, sets and chaos of this truly unique independent festival. 

This year, we worked very closely with the festival’s Creative Director Lak and Anna Wade who runs their PR to create a video that pushed the production levels higher than before and created a narrative, rather than just festival coverage. The intro was shot in the days prior to the opening of the gates with Boomtown’s Mayor/Sheriff playing the lead role and utilising the incredible set design before the site was populated for the weekend. Thanks to Kaptin for doing several shoots whilst trying to run the music office, Alana for the make up and to Jos, the Geisha Puppets, the cowboys and the wenches for being extras. 

[Callum filming the intro on Wild West Street]

For the festival coverage we used a variety of cameras and crew to shoot across the vast site. Boomtown is split up into two districts - uptown and downtown. Uptown is the more mellow section of the festival, although does still very much come alive at night, and Downtown is the much more tumultuous part of the festival with electronic music a big feature. To try and cover everything the festival has to offer, we had a team of 13, mostly split into teams of two and an on site editor. We used Sony FS700 cameras to utilise the 200 fps feature of the camera, Canon 5Diii on Glide cam rigs as well as a DC slider to get some arching jib shots, a wire cam over the Jolly Dodger (pirate ship) stage and the Town Centre (main stage) and a hand held gimbal rig. Thanks to Mike and Glenn from Film Tank, Alex and John from Formulate Media, Ollie, Steve, Becka for all their hard work behind the cameras, James and Zac from Canopy Access for the wire cam footage and finally to Callum at Skewiff for co-directing the video. 

The aim was to get the video out as soon as possible after the festival with sound design to do off site so we had Luke from High Six Media ingesting the footage and putting together the edit as we went along. Whilst this was a laborious process, it allowed us to focus on footage we didn’t have (and let the teams know when they had all been out and inadvertently shot the same area!). 

[Alana putting the finishing touches to Kaptin's 'not slept for weeks' look]

On Sunday night we went through the rough cut with Lak and got as far as we could before leaving the site and bringing the edit back to our Bristol office for final changes. Sound design and the mixing of the soundtrack was done by Robin at Float in Sound. 

Thanks to everyone who helped with the production, to Boomtown for inviting us to join them on this journey all those years ago and keeping us a part of the festival and to all the people that make Boomtown what it is. Roll on 2015.