Between The Beats with The Black Madonna

Packing your bag for a BTB filming mission is always an exciting but also slightly nervous moment. The excitement comes because the chances are you are off to some really exciting places with an interesting character, but you feel nervous because of the impending sleep deprivation that comes with documenting the DJ lifestyle.

Doing any job with sleep depravation is hard work, so to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible we shoot on our favourite documentary camera, the C300. Having shot on the camera for a few years now, being able to rig up and rig down quickly in between flights and gigs is a crucial factor.

The most pleasing aspect of the shoot I found was spending time with the films subject matter, Marea Stamper. She was a pleasure to spend time with and over the course of the two weekends told us her story in a great way. She was good friends with DVS1, who we have filmed previously, which meant she was happy to put her faith in us to do her story justice. This meant she was willing to spend long periods of times with a radio mic on, so we could grab nice moments of actuality. We always feel is the best way to tell someones story, and it definitely helped me stay awake and alert because you are effectively always ‘on shoot’, and its only when you stop that the tiredness really kicks in.

Thanks to Marea Stamper and the Resident Advisor team. We hope you enjoy the latest film in the series.

Words by Sim Higginson.