A year-long journey to the Ice Cave Rave

We joined Mixmag and Coors Light on a year-long quest to find the UK’s best up-and-coming DJs and took them to an Ice Cave Rave in the French Alps. 

Over the years we’ve covered all kinds of parties, from sweaty nightclubs to major UK festivals, and we’ve filmed in some unique and breathtaking locations.

The Ice Cave Rave was something new. 

Our journey there involved planes, trains and buses - and that was before we loaded up the kit for the final leg using huskies and ski-doos. 

The event posed some challenges! The Mixmag team managed to set up decks and a soundsystem in an igloo, while we found ourselves constantly polishing steamed-up lenses. 

Once we adjusted to the surroundings it was an awesome party. WeeDot and Sean Claude warmed up the dance nicely and we partied into the night with a special Mixmag Lab session from PBR Streetgang.