About Us

Who we are and what we do

We're a progressive, dedicated production company offering a comprehensive range of film and video services, from branded content to feature length, TV-ready documentaries. We love that ideas come from everywhere, so we're just as happy leading a creative process, as we are realising our clients' existing concepts or artistic visions.

Our team encompasses varied and synergistic skill sets and, from offices in London and Bristol, partners with clients around the world to share our expertise and specialist knowledge. Whether video makers, film directors, videographers, film producers or editors, we all share extensive events experience, a flair for narrative, and a forward-thinking creative approach.

We specialise in video production and film making for music, fashion and sports, with a wealth of experience in industries too. Friendly, focused and approachable, we’re always ready to hear your ideas, and make them move.

Andrew Harrison

"the dreamer"

Managing Director

Ollie Prince

"the business"

Commercial Director

Dan Higginson

"the trigger"

Creative Director

Sim Higginson

"the globetrotter"

Senior Creative

Robin Kother

"the cannon"

Senior Creative

Luke Ogden

"the hunk"

Production Partner

Sarah Edwards

"the trousers"


Alex Donne-Johnson

"the magician"


Nick Ogden

"the puppet master"

Production Partner